Next presiding judge appointed for Maricopa County courts

Published 02-16-2019

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PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona Supreme Court has selected Superior Court Judge Joseph C. Welty as the next presiding judge for Maricopa County, the state's largest court system.

The high court's announcement says Welty will replace current Presiding Judge Janet Barton on Aug. 29, Barton's planned retirement date.

The presiding judge has administrative authority over all county courts, judicial officers and court employees.

Barton has served as presiding judge since 2015.

Welty was appointed a judge in 2007. He has served as associated presiding judge since 2015 after being named presiding Criminal Department judge in 2012.

The Superior Court and related departments have 3,200 employees, including 98 judges and 63 commissioners. Its most recent annual report said the court had over 180,000 filings during the fiscal year that ended last June 30.

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