Deadline looms for Latinos detained by Arpaio's officers

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PHOENIX (AP) - Latinos illegally detained when then-Sheriff Joe Arpaio defied a court order face a Monday deadline to apply for taxpayer-funded compensation for the harm they suffered from his acknowledged disobedience.

Fewer people than expected applied from compensation from a $500,000 court-ordered fund after Arpaio defied a 2011 order barring his immigration patrols.

The violation led to a criminal contempt of court conviction for Arpaio, who was later pardoned by President Donald Trump.

Immigrant rights advocates had initially said at least 190 people were illegally detained.

But so far only one claim totaling nearly $1,100 has been paid among the 114 claims filed.

The advocates say 13 other claims totaling $150,000 are considered payable.

The total amount of compensation paid could rise as applications are evaluated.


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