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It was time to spend the third day of our Arizona road trip, as we enjoyed our leisurely ride from Sedona the day before. Our route took us through the city of red rocks, and we spent the first night in Phoenix, spending as much time as possible in some beautiful places. On the second day we explored some of the cities around Sedonas and then drove to the Grand Canyon, where we spent an equal number of hours in the beautiful area for one and a half days. We enjoyed the ride from Phoenix to Sedona and saw a bit more of it before we started the long drive back to Phoenix in the evening. When we left Sedonia, there was no time for another day or two in Arizona, so we headed north to see if we could learn a bit more about the Grand Canyon before spending our first nights in Phoenix.

We finished the day at one of the great restaurants in the Phoenix area, and there were many other great places to eat and drink in the area. So if you plan to eat in downtown Phoenix, check out the map below. Here are some suggestions on what to do in Phoenix and the surrounding area on the third day in Arizona. Check out our Phoenix City Guide for more suggestions on where to eat and drink, or maybe check out our favorite restaurants and bars in the Phoenix area for the next few days.

Greater Phoenix is divided into three major districts: Downtown, South Valley, and North Valley. The most popular districts in Phoenix are downtown Phoenix, as well as the south and north of the city, along with some other areas.

If you want to see some areas outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area, be sure to visit Tucson, Las Vegas or San Diego.

If you want to visit some areas outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area, you might want to visit Tucson, Las Vegas or San Diego. No trip to Arizona would be complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Arizona National Forest in the fall.

If you are interested, you can spend a few hours in Flagstaff, which is about an hour north of Sedona. If you're not interested in the Tonto Natural Bridge, take a detour to the beautiful town of Prescott, AZ by taking State Highway 87 to Payson. And if you prefer to take I-17 for a ride from Phoenix to Sedonas, a much nicer alternative is the scenic ride between Phoenix and Sedonna. Although there are many ways to travel to Phoenix from Greater Phoenix and the Grand Canyon National Park, we recommend leaving Phoenix at least once or twice during the day and returning in the evening.

Phoenix is also often home to the Painted Lake Petrified Forest Preserve, one of Arizona's most popular tourist attractions. You can visit the reserve for a few hours to enjoy the scenery and Sonoran Desert and visit the Grand Canyon National Park.

If you decide to take it all in, there are a number of nice stops you can make between trips from Phoenix to Sedona. If you only have a day in Phoenix, you may want to stay somewhere nearby to optimize your time to explore all the fun things you can do in downtown Phoenix. Recommendations on what to do in and around Downtown Phoenix can be found at the Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau or on the Arizona Tourism Commission website.

Sedona is about 2 hours drive from Phoenix and is almost directly shot down I-17, so you can spend several hours there depending on the weather. The drive north to Sedona was and is one of the most scenic and scenic rides in the entire state of Arizona. The drive north of Sedonas is a very scenic drive with some interesting stops along the way.

South of Scottsdale, Tempe is home to the great Arizona State University, which was founded in 1885 and is the first college in the Arizona Territory. To the north, South Mountain Regional Park borders an upscale neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona that borders the upscale neighborhoods of Phoenix Arizona.

Tucson, located two hours south of Phoenix, offers a variety of restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment options, as well as a great shopping experience. Phoenix is home to many outlet malls, including the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix International Airport and Arizona State University campus. My favorite restaurant in Phoenix was Postino's, but there are many other great restaurants and shops in the area, such as the Biltmore Hotel, the Pima County Courthouse and many others.

The nearest best way to fly is to fly to Phoenix - Mesa Gateway Airport, located east of Phoenix in Mesa. It is operated by Skoot Airport Shuttle, an inexpensive shuttle service that takes you to any airport anywhere in the Phoenix area. Only Flagstaff offers a connection to the Southwest Chief train (# 68), but it is only about an hour and a half from Phoenix.

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