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The Valley Sun eats, we round up some of the best restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona and other parts of Arizona, as well as some local favorites.

This is not a complete list of all the great Phoenix restaurants, but it is a list that a true foodie should prepare for. The best restaurants to recommend are some of the best restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona and other parts of Arizona. Binkley's Restaurant is a versatile collection of dishes that always bear the signature of Kevin Binksley. The restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, offers a menu format that focuses exclusively on a multi-course, ever-changing tasting menu.

This tiny restaurant in northern Phoenix started out as a photo mat, but it has taken on several names over the years, starting with Hi-Way Diner, as it was called in 1982, when a man named Robert Young moved the Winslow building and razed it down on a corner property in Phoenix. The building kept its drive - through windows, even though it was converted into a café, and although the restaurant was closed, the driveway remained open so that you can also order braised short ribs from the vehicle.

If you're looking for an area with a number of great restaurants to choose from, we've picked them out for you, and our list includes a vote for the best place to eat in Phoenix. Cornish Pasty has evolved into a full service pub and restaurant in the heart of downtown Phoenix, but we're not the only ones who love a pint here.

There are a number of great places in the area, including some in downtown Phoenix, but also in other parts of the city. Other restaurants are quite good and offer a wide range of options, such as a wide selection of beers, wines and cocktails or a full service bar.

There are many places in Phoenix where you can buy a burger, but my favorite place for delicious and memorable burgers is the Paradise Valley Burger Company. It is located on the outskirts of Phoenix and is one of the best burgers you will find in Phoenix. Check out some classic Arizona restaurants and be assured that some are better than others.

Located on ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus, the Rush Bowls Hotel serves a variety of natural fruits and vegetables topped with cereal and a drizzle of honey. The restaurant is located in the mountains of North - Central Phoenix, on a mountain and offers an incredible view of the city - to - desert. Conveniently located near the AS U Downtown campus, Chick - fil - A serves hand-breaded, handmade chicken, chicken wings and other delicious dishes.

There are some great places to pack up in the area, including a number of restaurants with stunning views of the Phoenix skyline and the Arizona State University campus. This is where Fox Restaurant Concepts in Phoenix, Arizona, rules with a number of its restaurants, including Fox, Fox & Company and Fox and Company, as well as several other Fox restaurants.

Don't miss Kai's Restaurant, located on the second floor of the Phoenix Convention Center, just blocks from Arizona State University's campus.

Since its premiere in spring 2016, Tacos Chiwas has become one of Arizona's most popular restaurants, and not just for its tasty tacos. Thanks to the restaurant's tight, focused menu, which specialises in a wide selection of local and regional dishes as well as local ingredients. When you eat at Kai's, you get a taste of what Arizona might look like, which has emerged from the cracks and valleys and washes of this unique land. With its genre - a winding journey through the desert we call home - Kai remains a pillar of Arizona cuisine, not only for the food but also for the atmosphere.

The skills and flavours of Pinot Rancho sometimes seem to be not fully understood by the younger generation of Phoenix eaters.

Whether you're looking for a way out or feeding your flock before you leave the nest, Phoenix is a foodie's paradise. Many restaurants in the Phoenix area offer a wide variety of dishes, from burgers, sandwiches, salads and salads to soups and sandwiches. We have a list of the best Phoenix restaurants for those of you who are looking for a quick and easy meal, whether you are picking up something to eat or feeding the herd since you left your nest.

Some of the best restaurants in Phoenix have been respectful of their customers, employees and community.

Best Restaurants recommends: "Chanpen is a hidden gem in southern Phoenix, filled with great food, great service and a great sense of community and community engagement. We recommend Kai to the best restaurants in Arizona, because only in Arizona will you enjoy what Kai offers in Indian cuisine - inspired gourmet delights.

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