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Let's talk about the city of Phoenix, AZ, first, before we talk about some of the upcoming concerts this year. In the sense of mainstream popularity across the country, this Phoenix band is making waves. The theatre has played itself into the hearts and minds of thousands of music fans around the world, and in particular into the Phoenix region. Every city in Arizona is a music hall or venue that hosts live concerts and musicals to keep the well-off visitors entertained.

Tucson is booming, Tempe and bustling Chandler are chilling out, and Phoenix is also part of Arizona's music scene. This makes Phoenix one of the most diverse cities in the state with a variety of music and event venues.

If you're a fan of blues, metal and everything in between, Phoenix has world-class venues where you can experience the best performers of today in their magic. The Phoenix New Times recently picked this award - and named it the best place in Phoenix to see national acts. As the name suggests, this time-honored place is a non-profit arts organization that is budgeted for the benefit of the local art community and the general public.

This time-honored live music venue in Phoenix has entertained audiences since 1963, when the Celebrity Theater opened its doors as a multifunctional conference center. The Ballroom has become one of the most popular venues on the city's music scene, attracting acclaimed national touring artists and providing a stage for local newcomers. This venue helped Van Buren attract artists nationally - for the first time in its history, artists toured downtown Phoenix.

If you're looking for a night of rock'n "roll, head to this popular Tempe eatery, where the music is always loud and the proximity to Arizona State University in Tempe keeps the crowds young. The popular Tempe venues on the north side of Tempeu Lake attract a predominantly young college crowd. Experience the vibrant life of Scottsdale, Arizona at this luxury hotel that also hosts a variety of events, from live concerts to the annual Arizona Music Festival. If you want to listen to quality music at some of the hottest music spots the Grand Canyon State has to offer, check out these 10 best music venues.

Flagstaff musician R. Carlos Nakai is the only artist on this list for several reasons, but he is also one of the most prolific musicians in the state of Arizona. Other Phoenix bands include Puppets, whose lead guitarist Doug Hopkins died in Tempe at the age of 93, and other local bands like the Dixie Chicks. Go further and try some of the other great local artists in Phoenix, such as the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. He is the son of former Arizona State University President Sam Newsted and the grandson of legendary Phoenix singer and songwriter Bill Newsted.

He is also passionate about preserving the legacy of desert music and founded the Arizona Folklore Preserve in Ramsey Canyon in 1996, run by the University of Arizona. The legendary jazz musician was born in 1922 at Army Base Nogales, Arizona, and died on March 17, 2005 at the age of 89.

Clyne continued to root himself in Arizona culture, founding Peacemakers in 1998 and writing, recording and performing with the Arizona Jazz Orchestra and the Phoenix United Jazz Band as well as other local bands. In the mid-1980s, he also ran the Sun Club in Tempe and helped found Arizona's first rock'n "roll club, the Sun City Club, founded his own record label and directed his first show in 2000, when it took a break until she began recording the album" Shifting Gears "for Hollywood Records, which awarded Rolling Stone four stars. Casey later had a memorable career in the studio as a musician, playing on records produced on records in Phoenix. He later played for the Wrecking Crew in Los Angeles and appeared on a number of albums by greats such as the Grateful Dead, Dixie Chicks and United States of America.

The Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, which hosted a variety of shows and concerts in the 1970s as the perfect place for live music. Corritore has also dedicated the last 18 years to Arizona's blues and roots music scene with his spot - blue roots music.

British Invasion Band, The Beatles - inspired rock'n'R & B band that performed in Phoenix in the 1960s. They endured substance abuse-fueled suffering, such as the shooting of Cris Kirkwood in the Phoenix Post Office, and helped establish the cowpunk genre.

Dolan spent several years in Phoenix before finding the Arizona Folklore Preserve in Ramsey Canyon, and then a few years in New York City.

The Crescent Ballroom and Valley Bar have breathed new life into downtown Phoenix, and Olson has helped establish the core of the live music scene. In downtown Phoenix, musicians usually play at the newly built Trunk Space, a house pop-up show at the old Phoenix Public Library. The DIY music scene in Phoenix, which has grown in importance in recent years, has grown with the rise of independent record labels and independent music venues. Independent record companies release a wide range of music, from indie rock to folk, hip hop and country.

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