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As a family travel agent who spent my childhood in Scottsdale and then moved back to the southwestern city with my brood a few years ago, I would be remiss if I didn't write about some of the fun things I can do in Phoenix, Arizona, a place I've called my home for over a decade. As a mother of two young children and a wife of three, as well as a son and daughter-in-law, we share with you the 23 best things we did as children in Scottingdale, AZ.

Phoenix, Arizona is a beautiful, well-organized city with a wide variety of activities for all ages, from children to adults. Scottsdale, Phoenix and the surrounding area are rich in outdoor activities such as karting, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, golfing, camping, fishing, swimming, cycling and much more.

The Heard Museum also has a small exhibition space in Scottsdale, Arizona, but it is not located in downtown Phoenix; more details about the location can be found on the website. The museum is located at the site and has offices in other parts of the city, including the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Phoenix, the Phoenix Art Museum and the Heard Library and Museum, as well as its sister museum in Tucson. You can visit the museum's main work, "Spanish Colonial Architecture in Arizona," in the morning and see the emerging Spanish colonial architecture in the afternoon.

Just minutes from downtown, a circular trail leads through the old town of Scottsdale, a popular hiking and cycling destination. Also in Oldtown Scottingdale is the Phoenix Botanical Garden, another beautiful outdoor space full of flowers - full of gardens and gardens with a variety of plants and flowers.

This park is located in Camp Verde, Arizona, where the College of Natural Resources and Natural Sciences of Arizona State University is located.

Sagewood offers great views of the Arizona desert and provides a great backdrop for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Oak Creek is slightly higher and is home to many deciduous trees, while Sedona itself offers little protection from the extreme heat of Phoenix, making it an ideal destination for outdoor recreation. At 4,500 feet, it's reliably 10 to 15 degrees cooler than Phoenix, so it's a bigger summer getaway. For most, Flagstaff is a favorite escape from the Phoenix heat, thanks to its proximity to Phoenix and the new restaurants to visit.

If you love nature, Camelback Mountain is one of the best options in Phoenix, with the rewarding 360 degree views you will see from the top. Nice to look at, Valley of Rocks, as the Navajo call it, is a must-see - check out the place when visiting Arizona.

A visit to this wildlife paradise is truly one of the top activities for kids of all ages in Phoenix. The Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix is easy to find and easy to spend, and it is full of exhibits and activities that keep geeks of all ages busy. This is a fun, family-oriented attraction that we highly recommend to children and adults with a love of science and science education.

Nestled in the red headlands of Papago Park in Phoenix, this 50-acre botanical garden houses a large collection of desert plants with incredible cacti. The Phoenix Zoo is not air conditioned, but is located in a remote area of the park and is under the auspices of Arizona State University and the Arizona Department of Natural Resources.

The Golf Channel offers the best opportunities to visit Phoenix and Scottsdale, and has also named it the "Best Real Estate Excursion in the World." Here is a list of the Desert Botanical Garden, which is only partially accessible, but there are many parks around the park that you can visit for free. The Phoenix Zoo, one of Arizona's most famous attractions, is featured on the website of the National Park Service Arizona Parks and Recreation.

The works of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are on display at the Phoenix Art Museum, and these are just some of the attractions you'll see above.

There are a lot of American ruins in Phoenix and the rest of the state, so be sure to visit them to learn more about the area. There is a strong Native American influence in Phoenix, and there are many places to visit in the Phoenix area, such as Tombstone, the Phoenix Museum of Natural History and the Arizona State Museum, or the Arizona Archaeological Museum of the National Park Service in Tucson, to learn more about these areas. Tombston is also a great place to learn how the West was settled, as it is home to many of Arizona's first settlers.

Phoenix Zoo has a series of theme trails that take visitors anywhere in the tropics, encountering a variety of birds, reptiles, mammals, birds of prey and other animals. The main square is located on the west side of the zoo, south of Interstate 10, and there are a number of signposts.

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